Instant Flavor Upgrade

A less secret way to great food is a good sauce. Fragrant or sweet, smooth or chunky, warm or chilled: Good toppings are a family-friendly chicken dinner, homemade ice cream sundae, and all the secrets in between. These sauce recipes here are what you keep in your back pocket. It's just as convenient for cooking on weekdays as it is for special occasions and hospitality. First: A good green sauce for all of us. This blender sauce is a nice way to take advantage of the soft herbs hidden in spicy drawers. As the name implies, it can be used for everything from meat to scrambled eggs to salads.

Our Best Ideas

Whether you have a countertop herb garden, understand how to grow your own at home, or can pick up too much at the farmer's market, there are plenty of fresh herbs , It can be difficult to know what to do with what should be abundant with fresh herbs. Sure, you can make pesto and throw some into your salad hoping to run out of them. You can also microwave it for later use. But what do you do beyond that? If you are at a loss, you have come to the right place. Starting with this delicious green jam, we have many ideas. It's a great way to use up old vegetables and excess herbs before they spoil. We like to treat this jam like a seasoning, spread it on toast, use it as a pizza sauce, and serve it with fish.

Your New Go-To Grain

It's easy to fall in love with the nutty flavors and crunches of Farro. Not to mention the fact that this ancient grain is good for you! There are several easy ways to make farro (and lots of great recipes for use in side dishes, salads, soups, and even vegetarian primopiats), but our favorite way to enjoy it. One is salad. Whether you're making the perfect farro and sprinkling it on leafy vegetables, or making this healthy grain a culinary star, its versatility makes it easy to combine with all your favorite flavors. Farro salads can be adapted to any season (or whatever ingredients you have), but they are definitely perfect for summer herbs and produce. Take this salad as an example. Jeff puts fresh basil, juicy tomatoes and burnt corn on a hearty farro to serve warm weather dishes that you'll want to eat all year round.

Recipes for Your All-in-One Tool

You've probably heard the hype that Instant Pot®, slow cookers, pressure cookers, and stoves are all packed into one compact appliance. Going out and buying a new tool now is one thing, but making good use of it is another. If you decide to get on the tide, here are some simple and comfortable meals to get you on the right track.

Tried and True Recipes

A healthy diet means many different things. Some of us are as easy as putting a healthy supper on the table. For others, that means incorporating a lower carb or plant-based diet into our weekly routine. Whatever your approach, you'll need some recipes you can trust-and there's nothing like a summary of what's already a fan favorite. This powerful collection of 50 varieties has a lot of great food, but if you're looking for a starting point, you can't mistake the classic light-up version of Chicken Marsala. A healthy and rich dish that uses plenty of stir-fried mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. A small amount of butter is sufficient for the sauce. Creamy richness comes out with just a little touch.

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